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Campus-Wide Login

Free. If you are a student, you probably already have this, after your first trip to the Student Services Centre You will need it for managing your fees and registration. This "CWL" account is what you need to connect to the wireless networks on campus. Short-term visitors can be set up with Guest CWL accounts so that they can connect wirelessly. Here is/are the FAQ for the CWL:

Email via UBC's central IT

It's complicated. But free. As long as you are *employed* by UBC, you can have a FASmail account, which looks like and is an Outlook mailbox. You qualify, for example, if you are a TA, post-doc, staff, or faculty. BUT if you do not TA next term, or when you leave UBC, you lose your FASmail account. So if you put this UBC address in a publication and then leave (e.g. post-docs) the address will become non-functional and people will have to google for you.

For a permanent UBC address, anyone can use the @zoology or @biodiversity addresses we offer below, and students have the option of getting a forwarding address (from the first day you start at UBC).

See Student and Alumni Email Service

Zoology freebie

Free. Anyone in Zoology can get a Zoology account. It's popular to get a Zoology e-mail address ( and just use CWL and Interchange accounts for connecting to the internet. It's easy to configure your e-mail client to use the Zoology servers. For any Zoology account fill out the form which is also obtainable from one of the Zoology Computing Unit (ZCU) staff. NOTE: You need one of these accounts to be able to edit your default web page on the Zoology departmental web site, and to make room or vehicle bookings.

Biodiversity freebie

We offer email accounts to anyone in Biodiversity. You need one of these to authenticate for Biodiversity room booking, for example.

Member account

$100 per year. What a deal. And usually your supervisor will pay. Use the form at Freebie accounts are just e-mail and network connectivity. Benefits for those who chip into the pot by paying a membership:

  • hands-on access to all Zoology/Biodiversity computing equipment, including printers (colour, too), flatbed and slide scanners, extra computers and software you or your lab may not want to buy just for yourselves
  • only $10 to print a poster, instead of $15 (for non-member Zoology/Biodiversity)
  • free automatic backups of their desktop and/or laptop computer(s), maximum two
  • disk space on the Zoology server, which is backed up nightly
  • full access to our UNIX/Linux servers
  • the shared equipment includes 2 server clusters (currently 40 CPU's and 112 CPU's) for simulation
  • can set up personal web pages (
  • access to GradLab 24/7
  • use of the Dropbox-like Zoology Cloud (drop off files for anyone)

WestGrid various NSERC/CFI-friendly services

SciNet various NSERC/CFI-friendly services

Amazon EC2 for computation

Amazon S3 for file storage