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Zoology Printing

The ZCU members have available to them five network printers - two monochrome and one colour printer. The cost per page for monochrome printers (Fungus, Termite, Humus, Goat, Clearcut) is 5 cents, while for the colour printer (Rainbow) is only 20 cents.

The colour printers, Rainbow and Slick, is now available for use, replacing the existing colour printer Spectrum. Rainbow is located in room Room 302 in Westbrook, next to the existing black and white printer Termite. Slick is in room 124 in Biodiversity.

To set up your computer to use any printer, you only need the drivers (the main software) and the instructions found below.

Note: This document is specific to setting up Rainbow on your computer. If you wish to set up any other Zoology network printer, just exchange the names and the drivers for the one you want to install. Below is an overview of printers to help you match names, locations, types and drivers.


Click on the printer name for installation instructions.

You can track your printer usage by installing a program called PaperCut.

Note: If you are using Windows XP/Vista/7, your computer must send passwords to our server in the proper format. To do this, download these files to your desktop (right-click and Save As): xp.reg and WinXP_SignOrSeal.reg . Then double-click both of these files, and allow them to make changes to the Registry, when asked.

If your password isn't working for printing, try resetting your password here. ... you can reenter your current password as the new password. We have a new print server and it doesn't know who everyone is; using the password reset tool fixes this.

Physical Location Printer Name Type of printer Colour Cost per
page (cents)
Biodiversity 124 Clearcut HP Laserjet 5200 No 5
Biodiversity 124 Slick HP Laserjet CP6015 Yes 20
Biodiversity 124 Poster HP Designjet T1120ps Yes Not set
Biodiversity 229 Fungus HP Laserjet 4200 No 5
Biodiversity 329 Goat HP Laserjet 4015dn No 5
Wesbrook 302 Rainbow Xerox Phaser 8400N Yes 20
Wesbrook 302 Termite HP Laserjet 4050N No 5

Printing Posters

There is a "large format printer" at The Media Group. They were formerly called Biomedical Communications, and are in the basement of the IRC Building (Woodward) -- not too far away. Note that The Media Group has virtually every kind of photography and imaging service imaginable, and they are not restricted to UBC work. You can do personal stuff there also. (I like to drop of my slide films there before 8am and pick up my slides after lunch.)

The printer is an HP DesignJet 750Cplus, and can do output in colour and up to 36 inches wide. It is an ink-jet printer, so if the output gets wet, it gets wrecked. You may want to consider laminating it in plastic. The Zoology department gets a preferred rate because it contributed to the purchase of the printer.

Pricing (for Zoology)

  • $2.50 per square foot
  • $4.50 per square foot (laminated)

file formats Almost any file format is acceptable, including: Canvas, Corel Draw, PageMaker, InDesign, PowerPoint, Photoshop and PostScript. Not acceptable: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher (they don't do the large format properly). The resolution of the printer is 150dpi, so don't use images of any higher resolution or you'll make your file unnecessarily huge.

file transfer

  • sneakernet: floppy, Zip, CD, ...
  • e-mail: to
  • FTP: currently unavailable as they re-rig things after putting in a firewall. To check availability, call 822-5561.

Traditional methods of making posters still work just fine. ZCU members have access to a great paper cutter on a poster-prep table in the Grad Lab in BioSciences 2325.

If, after going through the poster-making experience, you have any tips or recommendations for others, contact the webmaster, and I'll put them here.

Howard Rundle found that they do not have many more than the basic set of fonts. He suggests that you take your font files over along with the document to print, if you use other than the commonest ones.