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The ZCU has 2 classes of member: free and full. Free membership allows access to the Zoology servers for electronic communications: e-mail, web and internet newsgroups. These services are available only via network connections. Free members do not enjoy hands-on access to our computers, printers, loaner equipment, or other benefits.

Full membership currently costs $100 per year. Printing charges are extra, and are 7 cents per page on monochrome printers and 20 cents per page on the colour printer ("Rainbow"). There are currently no set quotas for any resource. Here is the application form. Benefits include:

  1. Access to our 5 computer labs with a wide variety of machines, from PowerMac G3's to Pentiums to NeXTs, flatbed and slide
scanners, Zip and Jaz drives, a CD-ROM burner, and software for tasks ranging from multimedia video editing to powerful statistics. 2. A full UNIX account 3. Disk space on the Zoology server, which is backed up nightly 4. Web site hosting 5. Mailing list support 6. Free subscription to anti-virus software (currently working out new bulk license arrangement, Sep'04).

The ZCU-maintained ZooLab is a Faculty of Science homework lab for undergraduates. The exception, it requires neither a free nor a full membership. Printing in ZooLab costs 12 cents per page, using a Zoology Printing Card which can be purchased at CopyRight in the Student Union Building. Conditions of Use